Real Time, Live Professional Development

Wow. I had no idea so much wonderful professional development was available online and for free. Even better, it is live and talking during the presentation is encouraged. There was live interaction with the other visitors and the hosts. What a great experience. I will be telling my fellow teachers and administrators all about this in the fall. The four Webcasts that I attended were on: Autism (particularly behavior modification), inspiring teenagers, the human element of education and branding/marketing for schools. While they all were informative, the two I enjoyed the most were the webcasts on autism and branding. The behavioral specialist offered the most wonderful idea that I had never thought for teaching behavior: record it. Then the student can watch it as many times as they need so they can properly model the behavior. What a great idea, but simple idea. My favorite time from the branding seminar was instead of a school newsletter, teachers and/or administrators could record a video newsletter and put it on their website, FB, and Twitter. Again, so easy, but so powerful.

Besides webcasts, I also attended 4 different live chats on Twitter. Again, who knew that all evening, all week long (even in the summer) teachers from across the globe were gather together to give tips, motivate each other, and share resources. I attended a Twitter chat on professional development and had some great discussion on to motivate other teachers to buy into technology. We discussed being modeling ,sharing, and staying positive. We talked about how to get administration to understand that noisy classroom can be a very productive classroom. At #lrnchat we debated the role of emotional intelligence in teaching and whether the current school system was built to give students enough choice. Monday’s educational technology chat felt very familiar as the first question was: How do you use social media for professional development? Finally, I was too intrigued by the name, that I had to check out #tlap (teach like a pirate). I am still not sure I completely get the pirate thing, but it was a really great group of teachers that discussed motivation. The theme today was “first day of school”. One of my comments on how I approach the first day seemed to go over well and I received a lot of positive feedback. On the first day, “(I) Let them know that each of their success is important to me and that I have a plan to get there. (I) Ask them to join me in the journey”.

All in all, I loved the chats on Twitter. I will be returning to the #tlap as it was a fun group. There are many others I want to still investigate. I got a lot of followers, RTs, and favorites from the chats so it was fun to be part of the group.

Here is my evidence: Here is the proof of my webcast PD


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