PLE Diagram Reflection

PLE Diagram via Lucidchart

In assembling my diagram, I have to say that I struggled to find inspiration. I wrote out all the social networks that I use. I brainstormed how and why I use them. Things were crossed out and rewritten. Lines were drawn and connections made. It was the usual process I go through when attempting some sort of creative representation or project. I felt comfortable with the material. It was a really rewarding week using Twitter for some inspirational chats and I am still amazed at how helpful (and free) the webcasts were. I contributed to some social networks that I had just been lurking on or had totally ignored. I felt inspired by everything, but how to design the diagram. 

Since it seemed as if almost every network was had more than one purpose, the venn diagram made sense to me. I could show the dual purposes of the tools. In doing so, I found that I expected “inspiration” to be a major category (and it was), but that everything that was inspiring was also very functional in some other way. At the same time, no tool seemed strictly organizational. Everything that I used to organize myself, also helped in some other way. The diagram made me realize just how useful all of these tools actually are and how much I would lose if I did not participate in them.

Compared to my classmates, I have to say my design is unimpressive. There were some really cool looking designs that made me jealous. Every time someone would post one, I thought, “why didn’t I think of that?”. Ryan’s was so professional looking. That could be in a textbook. Tsisana had a really cool idea with puzzle pieces and Kim’s was really cute. Mine is not anywhere near as creative or eye-catching. It was really cool seeing all the great projects this week. 


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