Video Blog: Media in the Classroom

I always find seeing examples as being the best way to see and understand how to implement new ideas into the classroom. I focus this entry on two particular forms of media and how they can provide a relative advantage in the classroom.


One thought on “Video Blog: Media in the Classroom

  1. Dan,
    Nicely done. The websites you use to illustrate technology inclusion in the classroom seem appropriate for a variety of levels and learning styles. I think the badges/merit system of the Khon site you reference are an excellent intrinsic motivator for students. It’s always great to see kids striving to improve their skills without having their feet held to the fire.

    I also like the self help options you present. I find it incredibly liberating when my students are able to help themselves and each other. My role as a teacher elevates to a facilitating educator and the level of learning taking place in my classroom escalates dramatically.

    Bravo on a wonderful review of technology.

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