School Evaluation Summary

The goal of the assignment was to choose a school that you are familiar with and thoroughly examine it’s technology integration. I chose Michigan High School where I work. We were given the a Maturity Model Benchmark reference guide to help us analyze the school. It focuses on 5 main areas: Administrative, Curriculum, Support, Connectivity, and Innovation.

I have been critical of my school’s integration of technology in the past. However, this assignment has helped me realize that the school is actually pretty strong in many areas. I tend to be a critical person, but should be more appreciative of what the school is offering. All the staff may not be taking advantage of it, but I am fortunate enough to have it available for my classroom. In addition, the school is not that far from a really strong well rounded integration. This evaluation helped me pick out the individual areas of strength and weakness. I hope to do two things with this. One is share it with Tech Committee so that they have my outside opinion (outside as in not a part of the committee and have to “horse in the race” regarding any particular program/technology). Also, this opened my eyes to some of the tools available that I could take better advantage of.

Below are my overall analysis and the survey I filled out.


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