Digitial Divide Presentation

Role: I researched the option of providing free internet content to lower socioeconomic people. It was ranked lowest by our group because it fails to address the issue of access.

Research: I researched alternative options to make the plan work.I found that schools in Arizona are looking to open more distance learning classes, but the overhead of developing content is a limiting factor in it’s growth. I also learned that nearly half the people living in poverty rely on the public libraries for internet access. Content could be developed to help those people better use the internet for: job hunting, education, accessing government resources, or managing finances.

Evaluation: The school I work at definitely has it’s digital divide. There are kids with iPhones and kids that don’t even have a parent with a working phone number. Some students are at a major disadvantage. It is important to give every kid opportunities to work with the technology available in school and help familiarize students with the apps, websites, programs, and hardware that they may need to understand for their future education or career. For some kids, the school is the only chance they have to really engage and take ownership of internet based technology.

Group: I was lucky to have a very organized group. Despite being in many different time zones, the tasks were divided clearly. The due dates and expectations were discussed, refined, and shared as we all moved through the project. Google Docs turned out to be a really good collaboration tool. It was my first time really using to collaborate and I think it was effective in it’s purpose.


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