Tech Trends: Lesson Plan

For this week’s assignment, I have created a lesson plan that utilizes the Dropbox App. Dropbox allows a user to save files on one computer and have them automatically saved and accessible on any other computer, tablet, or smart phone. This is important for me as a teacher because there often isn’t enough time (or availability) to spend a whole week in the computer labs working on a project. If students find media, sources, or need to revise their work, they need to be able to do it from school, home, the bus on the way to their baseball game, etc. Flash drives are ok, but they are often misplaced, forgotten, and they don’t plug into smart phones. Personal email like Google would meet the student needs, however, where I work, all personal email sites (Google, Yahoo, etc) are blocked. This leaves a program like Dropbox as the best solution. Students can work on their projects in school, at home, and on the go.

For this assignment, students will need to present a portfolio and resume highlighting the accomplishments of a famed Renaissance artist. Besides basic facts about the life of the artist, it must also include samples of work, analysis of the work, and the reasoning as to why the artist was a key member of the Renaissance. The time spent in the computer lab will only be enough for students to get started and receive feedback on a rough draft. There is not enough time to complete the entire assignment in class. Therefore, Dropbox will be used to save media, websites, Word documents, etc. so that students can start the project in school and seamlessly build on it anywhere.

The AECT Standards that seem to most with this lesson are 2.3 Computer-Based Technologies, 2.4 Integrated Technologies, 3.1 Media Utilization, and 5.3 Formative and Summative Evaluation. This lesson connects to Computer-Based Technologies because it is putting students on the computer in order to find research and create a polished product. I also included Integrated Technologies. Students will be looking for text information, images, video, and audio about their Renaissance figure. Using the computer, they will then be able to integrate them into their final project. Media Utilization involves a planned use of resources. The Dropbox app will allow students much more freedom in managing and planning how they will work on the project. It also will create a clear and  surefire way for the teacher to be able to assess the project and resources as the students are developing them. There is time built in where students will have to share their Dropbox. The teacher will be able to see the media being used, sources found, and the rough draft of the project. The teacher can then offer feedback. This is formative assessment. The teacher can give ideas for improvement. The summative assessment will come after students have had opportunities to make improvements. The assignment will be graded per the rubric.


2 thoughts on “Tech Trends: Lesson Plan

  1. I love this lesson. It involves research, history, several types of writing, and more. This is the kind of project that students will remember having done and what they learned long after they are done with school.

  2. Daniel–
    I think you have done an excellent job on this assignment and lesson plan. I love how you have taken a Renaissance art assignment and made it relevant to today by creating resumes and cover letters. Nice work!

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